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Action Learning

Also known as "Group Coaching" or "Peer Consultation," Action Learning really works - and it's very cost-effective too.


It follows a set format: a group of five or six people come together regularly, as an "Action Learning Set".  On each meeting day, each person takes a turn to "bring an issue" to the group.  The group then focuses, in turn, on helping them action-plan a resolution to that issue.  A five-step process is followed for each issue.  A facilitator manages the time and the process - using techniques to assist if the group gets "stuck".


For Action Learning to work well, some preconditions must be in place:

  • a high degree of trust and confidentiality within the group

  • the issues to resolve must be work-related issues, things which

    • are "in the too-difficult pile" - not easily resolvable;

    • are within the person's power to resolve

    • will make a big difference once resolved... not trivial.

  • the participants must be committed to the process: we recommend three diary dates are booked, each two months apart, at the beginning of the set.


Along the way,

  • each participant learns coaching skills,

  • each participant learns management skills - problem resolution, practical performance management, and more

  • the organisation benefits from having it's difficult issues addressed, and

  • an effective, useful, supportive peer network is created.


It's nothing short of brilliant.

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