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Cognitive Bias

It's a very popular part of our ADC Assessor Training - understanding Cognitive Bias and how to avoid it!

Here are some resources to use if you would like to know more.

Daniel Kahneman's book, Thinking Fast and Slow (2011) is highly recommended.

Some interesting articles and other resources:

  • Allen Webb on bias in decision making

  • A cognitive bias cheat sheet and a (beautiful) poster by Buster Benson

  • A fantastic video from the Royal Society (browse related videos in the side bar too)

  • A colourful poster from Patrick Allan.

  • Elizabeth Kolbert on Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds

  • The academic articles referred to in the course (e.g. Lievens & Sackett, 2016; Fiske et al, 2009) are behind a paywall, but please email me if you would like to see them.  (Or, if you have some great resources to share!)

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