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All testimonials are used by permission.

On ADC support and Assessor training:
"​I had the pleasure of working with Sarah when we were developing our assessment centre materials and training our assessors.

She is an absolute expert in her field and very generous with sharing her knowledge and expertise.

She delivered 2 assessor training workshops (2 x 2 days) and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, even from experienced assessors.

In summary, I would 100% recommend Sarah, she is a delight to work with and will add considerable value to your project."

Vicki Howells, Head of Talent, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

On ADC exercise design:
“Sarah’s efforts to ensure her customer is closely involved in the development of the product, in our case ADC exercises, meant that SFRS were actively included at each and every stage of development.  Sarah demonstrated sensitivity and much needed diplomacy, especially when our feedback for proposed changes had the potential to detract from the overall purpose of the product.  This ensures that our ADCs continue to be supported by professional, valid and credible exercises.”
Yvonne Thayer, Service Development Officer, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.
On Dyslexia Testing:
"Thank you for compiling such an amazing report in brilliant time.  The detail is truly astonishing.  I enjoyed reading every sentence and I feel I have learned a lot about myself today." (From a client who had been tested twice before.)
"Once again thank you so much for all your help. I was very unsure about the whole process and found myself getting upset often just at the thought of it. You made me feel at ease even from the first point of contact and throughout the whole testing process. I am very grateful of that, I do not think I would have gone ahead with it if you hadn't have been. Everything was explained and my outlook on Dyslexia has really changed and I'm excited to use of the hints and tips you have given me to really be able to achieve the best I can at university and in my career."
"My assessment was a very positive experience.  You have a very gentle and supportive manner.  And the chocolate biscuits and tea were most appreciated!"
"I have reviewed the report and agree with everything in the report and am happy to share with HR, thank you for breaking it down in that setting it made it a  lot easier to understand. Really happy with the results and having a very understanding and patient psychologist helped a lot! This has made me feel less conscious and more determine to improve my reading and spelling as I now know why I found It difficult.  Thank you very  much."
"Thank you so very much for my report you seem to have understood me and my dyslexia and 30years of coping strategies in 4 and a bit hours which is impressive by anyones standards."
"I felt so relieved.  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Now there is an actual reason why I have always struggled with certain things.  You were so patient and calm and listened to all that I said, and you were so understanding, you didn't make me feel stupid.  ...Now,  I can't stop smiling inside.  Thank you for changing my life."
On Cognitive Assessment:
" It was lovely to meet you and we are delighted with the report. It has made a lot of things make sense and has given us a really good basis to go ahead with our specialist coach."
On Workplace Needs Assessment:
"The report was accurate and very helpful."
On our Understanding Dyslexia training:
  • “Essential for all at management level,”
  • “A lot covered, but never felt rushed or pressured,” and
  • “Very informative and eye-opening!”
"Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service commissioned a number of Dyslexia Awareness sessions to run ‘in house’ to provide managers and trainers with an understanding of dyslexia in their own working context, and the feedback received from these sessions has been extremely positive.  The sessions are delivered in a friendly, interesting and approachable way and Sarah and Dennis’ experience within the sector is evident and assists in making the session relevant to those attending."
Clare Sellman, Development Manager, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.
"The Understanding Dyslexia  course I attended in Avon gave me an excellent understanding of what Dyslexia is and how I could mitigate the effects of this condition within our workforce. The course was friendly and informative with Sarah being able to answer any questions any of the students posed. Dennis added the extra dimension by being able to relate personally how Dyslexia affected his personal and working life, particularly within the Fire and Rescue Service over an extended number of years....
An outcome of myself and another specialist member of staff attending the course in Avon was that I booked Sarah and Dennis to run a  course for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service staff at our training centre for our trainers, administration, policy and HR staff to attend, the feedback from all was very positive with all attending saying how useful and informative the course was."
Neil Rickett, Training Centre Commander, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.


Following a team build using personality testing, Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry techniques:
“Throughout this project, Sarah has provided a fully supportive and professional service based on thorough knowledge and understanding that has benefitted the team, and the individual enormously. She led a fully interactive and productive team building day and the team are still riding the waves of euphoria today, boosting our efforts exponentially. I would recommend all those sceptics out there to try this……most definitely the wisest investment I’ve made in a long time!” 
Kev Adcock, Learning and Development Manager, Severn Park Training Centre.
Following a team build using a Survey and Open Space for a Bristol-based charity:
"The team feel cohesive and morale is quite high, which in the light of new CEO and management restructure is quite an achievement. We have carried through the task sheets from the day; they were reviewed in two team meetings and actions put in place which are happening."
A coaching client says,
"I had several coaching sessions with Sarah, who is a good communicator and made me feel at ease. She helped me by looking at the issues that were presented and identify strategies  to work through them and to problem solve. I was able to more clearly see what I needed to do to move forward and avoid slipping into old patterns. The process of coaching with Sarah was very relaxed and gave me the confidence to see problems as challenges that I had the ability to do something about. I would highly recommend the coaching process as it helped me utilise the skills and abilities that were already there in a more productive manner and see that there is always a solution. She is empathic and understanding and really cares about the people she works with."


More general testimonials:
" I worked with Sarah for seven years in the Fire and Rescue Service, where she was the occupational psychologist in our People Development team.  She had the unique ability to win the respect of all of those she worked with, even those who were unsuccessful in the assessment processes she designed for us!  These individuals would seek out Sarah's feedback, which they knew would be honest and comprehensive. 
Sarah is an insightful and empathetic individual with an extensive knowledge of her craft.  She has been a constant source of advice and guidance on the design of assessment tools and of support mechanisms for those entering such processes ."
Maggie Haskell OBE (former Director of Human Resources )
“I have worked with Sarah on a number of pieces of work, she is diligent and thorough, and leaves no stone unturned.   Sarah has the mind set to think of problems as challenges and is creative in her problem solving to find new ways of working.   Sarah is an excellent coach, and she has a relaxed and natural demeanour that means that you are very comfortable in her company, which enables you to explore ideas and options to reach solutions.  Sarah is a clear and confident communicator who has the ability to work with all levels in an organisation, and is well respected in her field of expertise.”
​​Ticki Toogood, Head of Learning and Development at a major public sector service organisation.


Delegate comments from a recent ADC Assessor training course:
"Although we've moved away from the National ADC, this is still very relevant... this course should remain part of our Station Manager Development Process."
"Sarah has an easy-going manner but still managed to cover all aspects of the course in detail... this course is a must for anyone considering a role as an assessor, the knowledge and skills are portable.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and the event to another organisation."
"Highly recommended!  Sarah is very well versed with excellent presentation style.  The course was well planned, well delivered and the right length.  I found the section on bias really interesting."



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