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Dyslexia Awareness Training

Dyslexia is not widely understood.  In fact, the very word strikes fear into many peoples' hearts!  What is it?  And what do I do about it?


It's not taught in schools (in fact, it's not even routinely taught to teachers!)  And yet - it just takes a little explaining.  Once you understand how it works, everything else follows: 

  • what your colleague is experiencing;

  • their talents and challenges;

  • "reasonable adjustments" - how the most useful things cost very little.


For forthcoming public courses, please see our Events page.

Understanding Dyslexia: Managing Risk


This one-day course covers:

  • Why you need to know about dyslexia;

  • How dyslexia works;

  • Dyslexic strengths;

  • Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Meares Irlen;

  • Reasonable adjustments;

  • Where to find out more.


The course is suitable for:

  • HR Managers and specialists

  • Managers

  • Trainers and training managers

  • Union learning reps

  • Dyslexics!

Cost: £1100 + travel.  (For up to 16 learners, with two trainers, at your venue).

We also run a popular half-day Awareness course, and a full-day Dyslexia for Trainers course - please ask for more information.

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