Dyslexia Assessment

We offer thorough psychometric assessment for Dyslexia.  This includes a cognitive profile, alongside assessments of work-related skills, such as spelling, writing and reading comprehension.  The whole thing takes around 3 to 4 hours.  For the candidate, it's a series of puzzles, tasks and short challenges.


A written report will be sent to the candidate (and a shorter version goes to the employer).  The report will include initial recommendations for reasonable adjustments.


We can travel to your venue, or we have several suitable venues in the Bristol area.


Cost: £480 + travel.


A recent recipient said, "The report looks superb and reads well, is easy to follow and understand."

Meares Irlen


Also known as Scotopic Sensitivity, this is a condition many dyslexics have.  A strong contrast between white paper (or screen) and black text is difficult for some peoples' eyes to read.  It causes a sensation of movement on the page, e.g. "I could see the spaces running down the page like rivers."


If this type of experience is reported, a short screening is given to candidates during their dyslexia assessment. Recommendations are included  in the main report; sometimes, a coloured overlay can make all the difference.  The colour that works varies from person to person.  Sometimes, if further investigation is warranted, a referall to a specialist optician will be made.


There is no additional charge for this service.



Dyslexia Testing

Dyspraxia Assessment


Dyspraxia ("trouble with movement") or "Developmental Co-ordination Disorder" shows itself in clumsiness, trouble with balance, co-ordination, and fine motor control.  There are often difficulties in working memory too.


We are now able to offer a specialist Dyspraxia assessment; it takes around 3 hours (as above).


Cost: £480 + travel.

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