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Assessment services are now available remotely through a trusted Psychologist associate - please click "enquire or book" below for a referral.  Any information you send will go directly to my partner Psychologist.

Diagnostic Testing

Dyslexia Assessment

We offer thorough psychometric assessment for Dyslexia for adults (18+ - this includes students).  This includes a cognitive profile, alongside assessments of work-related skills, such as spelling, writing and reading comprehension.  The whole thing takes around 3 to 4 hours.  For the candidate, it's a series of puzzles, tasks and short challenges.


A written report will be emailed to the candidate (and a shorter version goes to the employer).  The report will include initial recommendations for reasonable adjustments.


Cost: £575 (any travel or venue costs are extra).


A recent recipient said, "The report looks superb and reads well, is easy to follow and understand."

Image by Markus Spiske
Dyspraxia Assessment


Dyspraxia ("trouble with movement") or "Developmental Co-ordination Disorder" shows itself in clumsiness, trouble with balance, co-ordination, and fine motor control.  There are often difficulties in working memory too.


We are now able to offer a specialist Dyspraxia assessment; it takes around 3 hours (as above).


Cost: £575 (any travel or venue costs are extra).

Dyscalculia Assessment


"Trouble with numbers" can have an effect on so many areas of life -  but is it just that you weren't taught very well at school, or is it a brain difference?  This assessment will give you the answer.


The assessment follows a similar format to the Dyslexia and Dyspraxia assessments.


Cost: £575 (any travel or venue costs are extra).

A recent recipient said: "Your help has really changed my view and approach to everything - and provided much relief.  I can't thank you enough."



Dyslexia Links & Resources
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