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Bill's Plan. Simple, but effective. Might it work for you?

Last week, I went to the Health and Wellbeing Conference at the Birmingham NEC. Among many positive things, I heard Bill Skelly, Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, speaking on "Changing the well-being culture". His plan had four simple headings. He wants his people to feel:




And Engaged.

All words we hear often, but HOW has he been implementing them?

He started by using the "Take a sip" scheme to give every member of staff a water bottle. Hydration is important, right? And easily missed in a busy job.

He said, "I was surprised by how quickly the mood changed. Suddenly, they could see that I care about them, and they saw that on every shift."

They had some empty office space and they began converting that space into gymns. Some staff donated equipment or came in to paint walls. Some were given time off to train as personal trainers, to help their colleagues.

Next, he gave staff two days a year additional leave, called Wellbeing Days. The only caveat is that you must use that time to do something for your wellbeing. A Spa day? A sports event? He read us a letter from a staff member's wife... the difference it had made to their family? It made me a bit tearful.

He's brought in baby boxes - given to staff who have, or adopt, a child.

He personally reads, and acts on, every assault form (around two per week).

He wanted to build a sense of pride, so they made a four minute video, full of what makes them proud to work there. And they show it everywhere. Reception. Induction. Wherever they can.

And there's a big project on mental health. Training. Screening. Counselling. He says they now intervene earlier, so it's "mending the bend, not fixing the break". Absence initially went up, because issues were being dealt with, but is now on a downward trajectory. And that's enabled the wellbeing days and fitness mentor training to go ahead.

There's more to do, and what's already done has cost money. But overall, if you had to choose which organisation to work for, would you pick theirs? I would.

I'm sure it's not perfect, more a work-in-progress, but a big round of applause for Chief Constable Bill Skelly and Lincolnshire Police. #engagement #culture #makingadifference

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