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Unlimited Paid Leave?

Last night, I attended a networking event in Bath and heard Rich Roberts from Pure Planet, talk about employee engagement and the culture they've created in their growing business.

They only recruit people (with the right skills) who are *passionate* about saving the planet, and then, they TRUST them to do their jobs. The structure is flat. Rewards are shared. Feedback is daily, not kept for an annual appraisal. Coaching is key. Working from home is fine, but most people choose to come in to share the community vibe. There's no staff handbook full of rules. Parental leave is gender neutral. And paid leave is unlimited.

Our speaker said that most people take between 25 and 30 days. "Trust them to do the right thing, and they do."

He said they based their people thinking around: "How do we want people to FEEL about working for us?" and he included the following...

- Meaningful work

- Feel that they can be themselves

- Treated equally

- Feel proud to work for us

- Feel trusted

WOW. Just WOW.

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